Monday, January 15, 2007


The Tar Pit

So there are these faggotsthat are ostensibly our "friends." They mean well. But when good-meaning people try to cure your cold, watch out. They may bring you Buckey's.

Seems innocent enough; the stuff is Canadian. Canadians enjoy the highest quality of life on earth. Fine. But this stuff is rancid, and can only be purchased in grimy grocery stores in the ghetto. It's hoodoo medicine, perhaps made by drunken grannies in someone's basement speaking to one another in Gullah or broken Haitian French. It should be called Mama Lola's Cold Swill and it shuld probably be banned in most countries where absynthe is also off-limits.

So I've been drunk for 2 days, foaming at the mouth from this Buckley's, and yes, my cough is noticably suppressed. But "Canadian balsam" and "pine needle oil" seems better suited to furniture polish than anything meant to be ingested, no?

I have a confession to make tou you... I am Charlie's Auntie Sharla, and it was my mother and I who provided the buckley's. I have only one thing to say. It's like swallowing a bottle of pine sol, but don't you feel better?
Hey no bashing the Buckley's. I heard that you feel much better today. Now wasn't it worth a few pine needle burps to feel better?
I cruised on over here from E's blog and Buckley's sounds like the Greek wine/poison called Retsina. The stuff is aged in casks lined with pine tar/resin and holy crap it tastes like it. Turpentine is a good description. Funny thing, though, after a glass or two you really don't care - must be the high alcohol content.
ahh yes i remember so well...

it works but make you want to rip your tongue out
Haha. Their commercials are the best because they know how awful it tastes.
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