Friday, January 05, 2007


More activism today

Fine, I'll breastfeed forever if someone arreststhis woman who may be responsible for most of the birth deaths in the United States. Which, by the way, does NOT have a low infant or maternal mortality rate. Unless you think that being roughly 40th globally for each is something to write home about. You know, killing more than double the number of moms and kids each year than our Japanese or Dutch counterparts.

She seems to make it her business to post wildly misleading and unresearched information criticizing homebirth advocates for hurting women. Methinks she protestesth too much, Dr. Shmocker.

MD's go to school with, what, 100 other people in their classes? That's got to be an incredible acceptance rate, doesn't it? They can't all be the smartest pencil in the case.

Someday I will learn Swedish and live a healthy and safe life.


Yeah, I hate her too. But she is misleading by calling her blog a homebirth debate. There is no debate. There is "I am right, and if you disagree you'll die in childbirth." 1 in 8, eh? Wow, pretty impressive. Amazing how the human race continued.
That woman is INSANE. There was a huuuuge big fracas at Neonatal Doc's blog a while back and Amy really went to bat for the "Here are the 18 different ways you and your baby are going to die. Jamie (from Selkie, sadly shut down) put a very elegant smackdown on her. When my OB dropped me at 39w, those Selkie posts got me through it and over the idea that I even needed the parallel care that my doc clearly didn't want to provide.

Wow. I had totally forgotten about Dr. Amy. Yay me! What a nutter.
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