Wednesday, January 24, 2007


MIA probably should be worried about me. I am SO NOT a tay-at-home mom. I'm baking the children in gingerbread as we speak.
Mel's gone to work at a fish joint.
I've done this to my family. It'sa good thing they're all about to be dessert.

I'm not a stay at home mom either. I'm considering getting a second job because I have a hard time making it staying at home through the weekend sometimes. Kidding. Kind of. Not really. Not at all.
Can we dip them in chocolate? Oh please please PLEASE can we dip them in chocolate? And can I have the little one? I think she'll taste the best.
If I eat at Mel's table, do I still have to tip?
Hmmmm.... I believe that I am very concerned with the welfare of your family. Maybe you should let me borrow the little one, as she is more vulnerable to the heat of the oven.... I will keep her properly regulated here with me.
But truly maybe you need to live closer so that you guys can work all day and I will tend to the little ones.....
If you tend to my little ones, I'll give you one.
Which one do we get? We still have time to warp the little one into our perfect little clone... but the big one gets along so well with mine... decisions, decisions.
Life with Alice has taught me that warping small people into your clone is not possible. Hell, I can't even morph her into a decent facimile of a polite, calm, non-monkey. Perhaps the small one will prove to be more malleable.
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