Friday, January 12, 2007


It's a...

GIRL. Her name is Soren and she's 7 lbs. No, we don't know where Mel kept that. In her chest cavity?
22 hours after arriving at the birth center, our waterbaby was finally born. No, I'm not sure how someone can be 5 cm dilated and still have a 22 hour labor. Poor Mel. She deserves presents. A big peanut butter fluffernutter sandwich at the top of the list. There's probably a lot of birth shit that I could say here, or else birth shit from Alice's birth that bears thoughtful analysis. But my ability to thoughtfully analyze anything is officially on holiday. For like 10 months.

You're probably looking at 4 months of mush-mouthy summary of plot points from "the View." Just be forewarned.

I'm so bruised, and I didn't even *have* her. But I'm not able to talk about that, because Mel would beat my ass for complaining about a few bruises and pulled muscles. Her mom brought over the Rockstars, and we're going to be chugging along on extra vitamin and caffeine goodness for quite some time.

Funny, because after I had Alice all I wanted in the world was to smoke pot and cigarettes. And smell vinyl. Ahhhhh...

She's gorgeous, and so is her big sister! Congratulations! :D
I love that picture. I was so glad to get to play with little baby girl last night!!!! And so glad to seee how well Alice was taking it all.
Aww, so BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations!
CONGRATULATIONS! How adorable your girls are. :)
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