Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Blogging for baby

Five cm means half way there, right?
Mel's making me write a paper for A's college class about my birth story as an incidence of bias. The professor already wrote back saying that the thesis needed to be stronger, and HOW was that an incidence of bias?
Of course, I could be misinterpreting his meaning, since he didn't write in complete sentences or use standard written English grammar.
But maybe it was just me who read the portion of the textbook (co-written by 5 fabulously brilliant, I'm sure, professors from Redeemer College. No really, I'm sure their research I status is coming through any day now. Along with their designation as a Hispanic Serving Institution. Hahaha.
So anyway, Mel told me that I wasn't getting anything out of doing this class other than adding to my workload (exceptionally high for the unemployed, what with 5 hours of daily flea decontamination and bouts of regret and self-hatred around the Florida decision...our own, as well as the 2000 election, you know). So she said I had to use it for therapy.
I hope that works, since I'm not sure Mr. Masters of Math is so aware of the fact that thousands of scholars have already bludgeoned across the point that all U.S. normative hospital birth is an instance of gender bias. What a nut. I can't believe that anyone would ask that question, so let's hope it's not the beginning of a Hermione-esque urge on my part to hound him as a know-it-all for the next 15 weeks.
Of course, it would be theraputically satisfying to make him earn his $1500 a semester as an online instructor, now, wouldn't it?

When I went into active labor with Dude, I was at 5cm. Maybe you're the lucky one who has secret labor and doesn't feel it until 7+cm. Then I'll feel free to hate you.
I am SUCH an idiot.

And illiterate as well! So yay me.
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