Thursday, December 28, 2006


You may have thought that I could sink no lower

but maybe that was the moment that I got the cheapest car seat online (fiesta burrito color) and exchanged it in person for the powder blue model that matches our new twin stroller, lest I be considered a)a Miami fan or B)an uncaring butch who thinks that as long as the kid is *in* a car seat, everything is right with the world. No, no, their aesthetic development is at least as important as their safety, says I. After all, wasn't it bell hooks who said that "poetry is not a luxury"?

But the nadir actually came this morning when Mel sat down and applied for job writing pamphlets for unsuspecting fear-ridden Fox news afficianados about how to protect themselves from terrorist attack. I assume the job has nothing to do with protecting themselves from George Jr., but perhaps I'm being pessimistic and it does involve a certain amount of attention to all critical thinking as a terrorism survival skill, questioning the motives of all fear-mongers and coersive brainwashers. If it does, I apologize.

I would much rather be horrifyingly butch than a miami fan. My brother is one of those dolphins guys and it is the scariest thing imaginable. He actually painted his bedroom teal once. Which is kinda the exact opposite of butch. I need a tylenol.
Go Miami!
Your obsessive matching skills have gotten me in trouble.
And I am sorry that it has come to this. I really had hoped that there would be something for you that didn't require such personal sacrifice and bold face lying.
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