Thursday, December 21, 2006


Super SAHM

Taking care of a brood on bedrest is a monumental task. I get daily 3:00 p.m. headaches and occassionally keel over entirely, rolling around on the tile floor jsut waiting for the day to be over. We have 14 more days to go until term, so it's another 2 weeks of mayhem and havoc for me.

And this is my daddy moment: *I* am complaining about Mel being on bedrest.

Bubby is successfully staying put, even though Mel has taken it upon herself to shower and make herself a meal every now and again lest the "Yellow Wallpaper"esque insanity of staying on bedrest sets in. Mental health is important, too. We're heading for yet another ultrasound in the morning just to confirm what we already know: the bubby is just fine. But should we have to march into a hospital in the next 14 days, I damn well want to be armed for the battle. And to tell them we do/don't want the labor to be stopped. And if we don't, I want to make up my mind about it tomorrow rather than walk into the hospital having no idea if they'll force us to stop it or not. I'll show up with Mel crowning. It's better than showing up and hoping they give you what you want. Whoopsie, nothing you can do. Too bad, so sad, here's your baby.

Yay! Bubby pictures! Think it'll be twins? Will you sneak another look at the nether regions to confirm what you already know? Can we punch the ER doctor who tries to make it stop? Two more weeks baby! Two more weeks until Mel can get out of bed... and go a week overdue.
Thanks for the update! I was starting to get nervous that bubby had bumrushed you guys already.
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Sorry about your headaches. But I'm glad that bubs has stayed put. Looking forward to hearing news from the ultrasound.
Punching doctors? SURE! Make sure Mel doesn't see...that would be too much drama and stress for a laboring woman.
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