Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Resting, resting, bed rest. Sucks. For. Everyone.

More blood. More panicking. No labor. At least we didn't do anything about it this time -- if Bubby's coming out, I'm not about to run off to L&D to stop it. We're showing up in transition at 9 centimeters, which, luckily, we are not right now. At least, I hope not. I suppose it's possible that I wouldn't know, though.

Mel hasn't had any bad contractions following the bloody incident, and is laying down today like the bedresting fool she's supposed to be and wasn't yesterday -- big surprise. Mental note: present opening marathons and bouncing on labor balls = bloody show and impending labor.

9 days to go until we're allowed at the birth center. This whole bllody show/mucus plug thing can supposedly happen for weeks...the mucusy part for several weeks and the bloody part for 2 weeks before "real" labor. If people can make it 2 weeks, we can make it 9 days. Hell, at this point, isn't it really 8 1/2?

The fleas continue. I've only seen 4 total fleas since this hellacious flea infestation began, but whenever the cats get up, they leave a bloody show of their own in their wake -- a peppery confetti of flea poop. Welcome, new baby! What a healthy home!

Oh, and if we DO have a preemie, are we obligated to name it a Cabbage Patch preemie name, like "Jefferson Emerson" or "Angelina Courtney"?

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