Friday, December 29, 2006


Oh joy! Stupid people make our lives easier!

Mel's most recent (3rd in a low-risk pregnancy, mind you) sonogram has put us one whole day ahead, so we are rejoicing in the miracle of being allowed to birth in the birthing center as of next Wednesday. That's *really* only 4 full days away, so we don't have to hold out much longer til she's up and out of bed. Phew. However, if she goes into labor in on Monday or Tuesday, I'm locking her in the closet and forcing unassisted childbirth on her.

Is that not feminist?

Then I'm going to lie about the date (Money from the IRS!) and the place (Massachusetts, please, where we're both the mommies that we already are with no court appearance and adoption fees!).

If Florida can foist court-appointed "guardians" onto the fetuses of disabled women, then I can force my birth and delivery preferences on my wife. After all, it's for her own good!

And speaking of frightening politicos selling their version of reproductive choise far and wide, I realized today that the mimdwife's office has tiny plastic fetus dolls with the word "prebporn" tattooed across their spines laying around.

"That's where you get your goods!" said Mel.

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