Tuesday, December 05, 2006


No Mo Ghetto

Oh, yeah, merry me THAT.
Though I have to tell you, our sickly house isn't out of the woods yet. The horse pill antibiotics I got from Mel's mom ("they're very strong") gave me a yeast infection and forced poor pregnant Mel to Target at all hours. She claims it's good for her, since she "wants to get laid sometime soon," but the truth is that, really, she's just sweet.

Beautiful lights.
Wow, pregnant women still have sex? I am shocked. It wasn't like that in our house!
Sorry for the yeast infection. Ick. And you make poor pregnant lady go to Target to buy you monistat? That's love baby.
I made her go during hristmas "extended hours," baby. Talk about commitment. I bet it's embarrassing to buy Monistat AND yougurt. But I wouldn't know, having my wife do it for me.
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