Saturday, December 23, 2006


Killing tiny game

I will sniff them out and obliterate them. Then, one day, 2 years from now, I shall hold my cats while they die because I put poison around their little necks. Then, 50 years from now, I will watch Alice go through chemotherapy because she picked up her binky off the floor and was exposed to the largest dose of DDT that a non-agricultural worker ever sees.

Hopefully, by this time, we will have fled to a gay-happy state where everyone gets health insurance.

I am even more pissed off about moving here today. It's the fleas, I'm sure, and the impending Florida birth. And yet another news story where spiteful neighbors get DCFS to take away some nice gay men's child, or at the very least tie them up in years of expensive litigation and ruin their and their children's sense of financial and emotional security ever again. So here we are. Moved here for the ability to move anywhere, and now we don't have enough money to move again. I feel like a refugee, waiting for some job to save me and the job is absolute shit, something I wouldn't have taken 8 months ago to save my life. It won't give Mel benefits, won't give us what we moved here hoping to get closer to.

Employers in the northeast, just email. Will work for DP benefits. Here's a resume, in case you're seriously looking.

hunting tiny game
ability to do SAT math
ability to weild a wildly useless vocabulary when necessary
Intimate analytical knowledge of every line JK Rowling has ever written
Ability to explain Barthes and Butler to 18-year-olds

Too gosh darned detail oriented and insanely focused on the task at hand until it's done!
Horrible sense of being overwhelmed when thousands of eggs are laid in my workspace

Thank you for your consideration.

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