Wednesday, December 27, 2006


The bath

This was one of the more disturbing moments in my life, and I wasn't even there for it. Mali and Fang got a dish soap bath tonight, so hopefully their days of itching and harboring thousands of icky eggs are over. Please, please, be over.
Mel has had some bloody show and lost parts of her mucus plug, so we're hanging on by a thread. Which technically counts as hanging on. 8 days til term and a non-hospital birth.

Your so cruel to put up a picture of your wet cat. But I do believe that the days of itching and fleas are now coming to an end and will be completly gone by the time Bubby arrives in 8 days, 192 hours, 11520 minutes, or 691200 seconds, however you would like to count it. You guys can make it till the end. And then all will be happy with a great birth and Alice will be thrilled that her mommies can home a few hours after the Bubby is born and not a few days!Thanks for having us over to play today, it was lots of fun!
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