Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Please don't have tonsillitis

Because we are Americans and have no health insurance. We can't even afford the walk-in. I DO NOT want to take the baby to the free clinic which will give us 10 more bugs we can't fight. And a day of sitting there, whithering away.
Please send foreign aid. We are so ashamed of what we've done to you. Teach us your values and we'll gladly exchange our hate-mongering/suck-it-up or die of tonsillitis ways in favor of your smooth, populace-friendly social programs.

Call the medicaid office and tell them you need to be seen today. They will get things straightened out.
AJ is listed as self employed and they have NEVER asked for tax statements. She just had to fill out a P&L, which required no documentation.
Otherwise take her to St. Joseph's ER. The pediatric ER has a VERY short wait (I was in and out in 45 minutes once, and you're "pediatric" until you're 24, so I took advantage of that!) and they don't require payment or even ask for anything. They just ask if you have insurance, if you say no they ask what if anything you can contribute to your care. That's it.
I'm calling you now to tell you this.
pennsylvania has what is called a "CHIPS" program. it stands for "god-send to academic parents". something about low to no-cost healthcare for kids. maybe Fla has something similar?
Yeah, Florida does have a health care plan for kids, but we've been in the application process for 3 1/2 months now.
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