Saturday, November 04, 2006



How does a stay at home mom make money?? Webcam? Porn site? What do you think?

Those both sound like legitimate money making ideas for a stay at home mom. You could also become a sex toy distributor and host dildo parties - one of our friends just started doing this and she says it's a very profitable buisness. Although I think that we should just become a Britax, everytype of cloth diaper, distributor. That way people can order all their diapers from one site and save on shipping! Or we could just somehow convince all babies r'us 's to carry real cloth diapers and we could be their supplier and make millions!
But if you come up with some better ideas than those let me know because I am all about the stay at home thing, I do not want to go to work anymore!
Well, I thought you guys already did the get paid to have sex thing... ;)
I'm all about the dildo parties though. Dawn is loving it. I think you'd be perfect ;)
Hey, we only have anxiety-induced financial dreams about voyeuristic sex as the foundation for security! There's a difference!
We did oncce dream of starting a dildo company. Know anything about silicone molds? If not, I say we call every cloth diaper co. in the country and peddle our wares.
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