Saturday, November 04, 2006


Mel just looked at my blog and said, "That's not a post. It better be real good tomorrow." Knowing I'll have nothing to say tomorrow if the *real* pressure's on like that, I've decided to give you, yes, that's right, a little something extra today. So here it is: the new family room art.

Now, before you tell me that I'm either brilliant or stupid, it's a pastiche. In other words, it's a copy. With no irony, no Weird Al commentary on the original involved at all. A copy. The thing is, I like to do art, but I like the rote brushstrokes of the whole thing. It's zen and it makes me less nervous about the world. What I don't like is the part where you're supposed to think for yourself. It's far too difficult. I've done enough thinking and I'm taking a break for a few years. So I stole this from a real artist and copied like an asshole. I'm not sure that I'm breaking any sort of copyright law, but don't tell on me if I am. Now you've seen my family room. Better?

Uh, I'll still do porn if you think it'll pay. Cuz "famous blogger" is a bit of a pipe dream. Especially if I never leave the house.

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