Tuesday, November 14, 2006


It's "Fierce."

That is, the perfume that Mel sprayed on the dissertations. Just like they spray on Abercrombie clothes at the mall...or one weird way to tell if you bought a knock-off made in China on the internet. Hopefully this will make the whole neverending submission process just a little funnier. No, I didn't change anything but the titles and I inserted at random intervals phrases explaining how I did what you told me to do without actually ever getting around to *doing* it, but i've freshened up the reading experience.

I am no longer paid to think, and I refuse to do so. It has caused nothing but personal anguish. I will not do it.

I wish I'd have behaved 5 years ago like Alice behaved tonight when faced with the possibility of staying up late and playing all night long: nope, I'm done. Watch me scream until I get my way and everyone leaves me the crap alone. Self assertion is beautiful.

I can't believe you scented them! What is this, some territorial marking of your property? Are you afraid some other dissertation will try to get it on with yours?

Let me just say that THIS is the reason I decided I wanted another undergrad and didn't want to even think about grad school.
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