Friday, November 03, 2006


Heil Master planned community! Uber alles!

At the risk of sounding like those A Baby Story assimilationist lesbian moms, I'd like to say in my defense that I DO believe that I parent differently because I am gay. I am not "just like you" and I don't want to be. Now, that said, I get the feeling that fitting in around our neighborhood is a freakish requirement, along with mocktail parties, red wagons, and block parties featuring covered dishes.

And I was reading a blog that Mel left up for me -- some lesbian moms -- whose 2 1/2 year old recently said, "Mommy, all the kids have a mommy and a daddy except for me." TWO AND A HALF! This means one of two things: I must become the assimilationist asshole, or I must move in the next year, before my daughter gets a completely skewed vision of the reality of the world involving two married parents, their biological kids, and a pug as 100% of the world. Because it IS 100% of our neighborhood. Not somewhere we hoped to raise our child, but safe and fun, with nice neighbors and plenty of kid friendly events. Cars go slowly here because little kids are always in the street. We like it. I like it. You may beat me with a wet rag later for admitting such a thing.

I always thought we'd have to leave by school-age, but now I think we may have to leave as soon as our lease is up in August. I don't want Alice thinking there is no such thing as single moms, gay dads, or extended families. one the plus side, our block does feature one interracial couple. Their son is Ashton. Aiden lives on the other side of us, and Caitlyn and Kevin live in between. Shit, we gotta get out. Or name the next child "Agememnon."

I will NOT be a suburban straight in all but name. I will not be June Cleaver. I will not start vaccuming in heels and pearls. And finally, I will NEVER buy a Bugaboo stroller!

Agamemnon: brilliant. Three cheers for subversive parenting - that's exactly how I plan to operate should I ever end up with kiddos.

- Project Janna, another NaBloPoMo-er
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