Friday, November 17, 2006


Heart Attack, Crib, heart attack, crib

The crib has been officially disassembled and reassembled ten feet from its original position in the new nursery. Alice has traded it for a spinny pod chair and a boatload of books, which will hopefully keep her from pushing her sorting rings one by one under the door every morning and then shreiking in pain that she has no toys and wants breakfast N-O-W and oh, god, where are her mommies?

She took it rather well.

I, on the other hand, did not. First off, the infamous Mikells put this thing together after the move with a Mikellesque combination of drilled-til-it-hurts screws and knotted bumper ties. Which took an hour and a half, FOUR screwdrivers, and a moment of scary chest pain to take apart. Putting the whole mess together again in the nursery made me cry twice.

"That's how many times we cried last time," Mel said, as if to say, "What's the problem? That's par for the course."

Oh, and reassembllng not only involved the Philips and regular screwdrivers, electric screwdriver, and drill, but a hammer and a glue gun. Because I split the wood in 2 places. And some sandpaper to make the splintered wood as babyproofed as possible.

Not a moment left to lament Alice's babyhood wiped out forever and all her special stuff, including womb sounds teddy, getting evicted from her bedroom and given away.


A moment of silence for womb sounds teddy.

The crib looked remarkably stable, given everything you did to it.
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