Sunday, November 05, 2006


The Daily Count

1 xanax
1 4 -foot bag of cotton candy
1 enormous slide involving mats
2 Sweet tea refills
12 eBay listings while listening to...
Pottercast #18, the one with Christmas parody songs about You-Know-Who
0 pictures because there are *at least*
3 days until the new, non-blurry camera arrives
28 weeks pregnant
1 psuedo-dirty Swiss Miss backrub (with braids)
1 large piece of chocolate cake


one more fight over baby names with my mother. Agnes? No.

HA! E would love it if I let her name a kid Agnes, but I am right with you, there is no way we are ever naming a child Agnes or Angus (that is a type of cattle, not a name). Maybe we should your mom and her together, they sound like they might be a good match.
Agnes is a fabulous name. Your mother has excellent taste. How you got the number one trendy name of the decade I am not so sure...
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