Monday, November 20, 2006


Butch in House

Yesterday went great. Having spent the morning gazing at our navels and breaking things, our friends ripped in like a blizzard and started fixing them for us. The official conclusion: we are half retarded and shouldn't be living alone. With each other. Without help. Here's the booty:

1. Alice's bed now in cute bedroom cut out where she cannot propel herself off it in the middle of the night anymore.
2. Tethered dresser moved, centered, and re-anchored to wall.
3. Appropriate dosage of cold medicine given to stuffy child (we would've gotten this right on our own, before you go calling CPS).
4. Door which fell on my head...reinstalled in 2 seconds.
5. Squeeky bedroom door...oiled.
6. Router which was annoyingly refusing to have anything to do with a Mac...installed.
7. Bedroom cable...installed.
8. Cable tv a delightful lavender color.

Who knew you could make it purple?!

I'm telling you... rent a butch would take off like fire.
glad that your house is all fixed. for some reason she doesn't fix OUR house like that though.
except this project we are working on now is proving to be quite difficult. not that we need to know NOW or anything. but, you know. I need to know now.
The biggest butch I know was supposed to visit me last weekend and ended up ditching her plans to come to Philly. I'm mad because she had a few jobs lined up for her and I ended up building an entire Ikea dining room (including a sideboard with nine drawers and two doors) and carrying giant Rubbermaid bins full of crap to the basement all by myself.
We have the same limited skill set. It adds challenge to the whole parenting thang, doesn't it? xo
I'm trying to visit as many of the NaBloPoMo blogs as I can and I thought I'd say hi, I liked your blog.. :) I still have squeaky doors. Must fix soon! ;)
You are quite welcome for all my little fix-it's. And don't hesitate to call anytime, I like fixing other people's houses, just not my own.
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