Thursday, November 09, 2006


Arizona is not fair at heart

But at least they voted that way. How weird of them. It must be the critical mass of former Cook county residents fleeing Chicago winters that have begun to infiltrate the electoral scene. I have no other guess -- Arizonans don't do anything gay friendly. Unless you count shooting us in the back, so as to avoid that inconvenient moment of terror right before they kill you.

Mel's dad congratulated us on the election, and maybe I'm a paranoid, generalized anxiety-ridden adrenaline whore, but I still go to bed scared. I still dream that I could emigrate to a nation with 100% different values. Where they say in cute accents, and drawling anti-death penalty international U.N. tirades, "That nazi cowboy should be killed like Sadaam." Why wasn't I born Swedish, goddamit?

Oh yeah, maybe because of the ludfisk.

Though NONE of the top five are surprise (and I have begged to move to all of them at one point!) I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, that US was number 8. I'd figure high 60s AT LEAST.
Disregard the email, I found you here, alive and well. I should really improve my stalking skills before I start worrying about people.
8th? How is that possible? None of us have health care! Can I ask them not to count my education? I want out of this hoodoo voodoo math!
I'm alive and vaguely well. And you're a very good stalker, don't be discouraged.
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