Monday, November 13, 2006


All about my mother

I hate her. More than is probably healthy for anyone past adolesccence. And I don't want to hear about grandpa's "thing." Ever. Again.

Oh no!! No no no no no no no! I would NOT want to know that about my grandfather. ANYONE really! Ick! What is WRONG with her? WHY would she tell you that? AAAHHH!!!
And dude, what did they expect when they lopped it off?
And I am SURE you guys will now be in a struggle with them over bubby and the maybe external bits. Nice.

It's okay to hate your mother. It really is. Don't feel bad.
Thanks for the support. I really hate her. And not just because of Grandpa's thing, which, in case you cared, has now been examined by uncle so-and-so, who has deemed it, "Really bad."
Stop! Enough!
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