Tuesday, October 31, 2006


RU Saved?

I'm never leaving the house again. It just stresses me out. This morning two terrible things happened:

1. Target failed to stock 99 cent Halloween pumpkin candy buckets. Why do they insist on 4.99 bags? $7.99 witchy basket crafty buckets that are just getting thrown out in 2 hours and really don't hold much candy anyway? Parlez vous annoying, Target. To top it all off, these frou-frou items were still FULL PRICE! Well, at least this little beauty was on clearance!

2. Because of the Target fiasco, I had to drive down to Ghetto Walmart in search of said Pumpkin bucket as well as tissue and brown paper for eBaying (Target had both at double the price). Well, outside Ghetto Walmart are two black panther missionaries with dum-dums asking for money for their new "Jesus has Risen" church. They blockaded both the entrance and exit. I snuck out the garden section to avoid punching them in the face and being charged with a felony, and scuttled to my car. On the way I saw their bumper sticker:

"Proud Parent of a Child Who's Been Saved by the Almighty"

Run home! Run home!

Proud parent of a child who shits in his pants. And doesn't seem to mind.

I am oh so sorry about your morning. What did you expect from Wal-Mart?

Will there be sugar comas in your house tonight?
Mel would like me to amend my post to explain that I do not mean to offend the Black Panthers in any way, merely to explain the fashion choice of the Jesus crusaders.
So yes, sugar comas.
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