Sunday, October 22, 2006


It's another Baby Blog. Don't you care.

OK, it's not that I'm *against* the blog, per se. I had one back in the day when blogger was too time consuming to figure out and you had to load it onto your own domain, and people misread diaryland and thought it had something to do with dairy and cows. I had this blog for at least 2 years. You can probably find it out there in cyberspace, languishing and rife with pithy statements about the cute girl sitting next to me in "Lesbian Lives and Cultures" circa 1997. Please don't look.

So here's something better (unless you're in the throes of a coming out crisis and looking for a source for old school Sleater Kinney reviews).

It's all about Alice, and her 2 moms. In the deep south.

This is Alice. She's the most important least until January. She grooves on Dixie Chicks and says "scissors" with gusto.

This is Mel. And this is me getting back at Mel for telling me which bloggers I'm allowed to yell at.

This is bubby, but I prefer "Nugget." We don't really think too much about it yet, because we have a one-year-old. We don't find out the sex of our kids, and we certainly don't find out the "gender," which our child will (hopefully) tell us by age 18 or so.

I'm up on the left. I hope to one day make a living selling handcrafted Tibetian baby shoes from my craftmatic adjustable office, set up in my fluffy bed. A lofty goal, I'm sure. Especially since I'm not in Tibet.

And people, take note that that nugget belly is SIX MONTHS PREGNANT and she is doing her best to push it out. I've seen the belly. There is a six month old baby in there, but I don't know how.
Alice is wonderfully fabulous and will be long after January. We will buy your lovingly hand crafted shoes as long as they are sparkly, we'll even buy some for Alice.
And you yell at any bloggers you want. You take priority ;)
I'm so stoked that you have a blog. And I love table 144.
Thanks :)
I am well on my way to leaving the lead pencil-Walden pond club in favor of the information superwhatever. Sparkly crib shoes? OMIGAWD. You've just hit on something! How come no crib shoes have sequins???!!!
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