Friday, October 27, 2006


Fetusino the Younger Prevails Against the Naysayers

And turns out to be measuring perfectly. To the day. The robust Cuban ultrasound tech lady said this:

"Oh, they're just used to dealing with all these fat ladies. You know 70% of Americans are overweight. They think you don't eat enough if you're not overweight."

So hoo-ray. It's just US who end up stressed. Here's Fetusino the Younger, in all his/her glory...Note the infamous Mikell jowls beginning to burgeon even before birth.

THANK YOU!! for being okay baby! Ya little shit ;)

So, did you find out? Oh tell me! Or not...
I second the Yayayayayay! You wish you knew ;)
You wish you knew if I know. ;)
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